The Human Side of Learning and Talent Technology

Fix it or Ditch it pt.1: Learning & Talent Development Strategy

January 6, 2021

In this episode, we discuss whether to fix or ditch your learning and talent technology. 

We also cover: 

- Tiffany has new twins (goats)
- We deep dive into the strategy behind effective learning & talent technology
- We ask how to know when to either ix or ditch your learning & talent technology
- We cover the three main reasons to either fix or ditch your current learning & talent technology

You are looking for an immediate impact on your people and finance
You recognize it’s not your technology that’s bad, it just needs to be updated or optimized
You have no new budget for getting new learning & talent technology

Organizational frustration - there’s no way to recover
Your current technology does not solve your specific business problems
You need a comprehensive learning and talent ecosystem

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